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One of the mission of Muzaffarnagar4u.com, is to promote Muzaffarnagar at global level.  When we discovered Muzaffarnagar doesn't have a Yellow Pages of its own - comprehensively covering various activities of Muzaffarnagar district, we decided to fill this void.  Hope you like our efforts.


Muzaffarnagar4u.com tells you about Muzaffarnagar the way none else does.  The people you would find there have dreams and aspirations not only for them but also for their hometown.  During the 2500 years old majestic history of Muzaffarnagar, it has given birth to many a great personalities, has been a witness to great events. The future of Muzaffarnagar seems to be even brighter. Our coming generation is simply mindblowing as far as their capabilities and talents are concerned.  

This site is an humble gift to the people of Muzaffarnagar and also to those who love Muzaffarnagar wherever in the world they may be.


Your ideas, comments and feedback would help us make this site better. So, please do tell us how do you feel about it.  If you love it, please do think of supporting us in whatever ways you like.  The people behind this project are not millionnairs.  Yet, they have taken up this project because like you, they also love Muzaffarnagar.


Happy surfing. 


MZN YELLOW PAGES TEAM(Muzaffarnagar4u.com).

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