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The USERS of this site may please appreciate that this site is the outcome of great pains taken by its promotors for collecting, assimilating, categorizing thousands and thousands of bits of data and presenting the same to you in the form which, what we feel, would be highly useful for you.  


However, the very nature of this kind of information is to become obsolete, outdated or no more valid at any point of time and we don't have any means to automatically become aware of such events having taken place.  People change their phone numbers, addresses and some times, even their line of activity.  Although we expect them to keep us informed of any changes, not all of them would oblige us with the latest information as soon as it becomes applicable.


It is therefore made clear that the site muzffarnagar4u.com (or mznyellowpages.com) or any of its promotors assume no responsibility for any information that is found to be no more valid or which has turned obsolete.  We have built this site as a gesture of goodwill and with a keen desire to help those who would come to us hoping to get some useful pieces of information for their use but we can't, in any manner whatsoever, accept any assumed / consequential loss or damage by apparently relying on the information provided here in these pages towards anyone.  


As for those who have sponsored some information here, our liability is expressly limited to making necessary amendments, corrections in their sponsored listings as and when informed to us by them in writing. 


Your using this site would be considered a testimony to the fact that you have agreed to the terms of use mentioned herein above.


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